How to make the bestout of nothing.

Shortly after the launch of „Salesworld” Vodafone approached us with a request to realise a completely new project within at maximum speed.

As a premium mobile communications provider Vodafone is increasingly coming under pressure from low-cost competitors – so a new product had to be created to serve the budget market segment.

The challenge: We had no corporate design, no brand motive, no name and no time to lose. Add to that a huge team with several external agencies plus the lengthy processes typical for a large corporation. In spite of all this, the new brand had to be launched within 3 months.


So why did we take on this essentially impossible task?

Because of the terrific Vodafone team, which was absolutely convinced by the new brand and extremely motivated. So we did what we do best: switch into overdrive.

Usability to the max

Mobile phone contracts often involve complex information requests and order flows. In order to prevent potential clients from losing interest and quitting in the middle of the ordering process, it had to be made as easy and convenient as possible – essential UX/UI.

In a sort of ping pong game with Vodafone we managed to develop clever solutions involving far fewer steps. Each individual click path was visualised as a wireframe with literally hundreds of screens. After over 2,000 real user testings, the concept was adjusted accordingly – in order to enable an aggressive conversion.


Curtains up:a new & fun brand!

The final step was a powerful launch with show effect and maximum reach. For this purpose, racoon character Simon – symbolising the idea of “SIM (card) on” – was created by an external agency. This streetwise local hero is the likeable figurehead of the brand and a “mate” to potential new clients. In contrast, we designed the look & feel of the order process to be high-quality and trustworthy.


The effort was worth it.

As part of a comprehensive marketing strategy, a large-scale roll-out was initiated with online, TV, poster and radio campaign. Since 22 June 2021, Simon mobile is everywhere.
With impressive results:

1,6 M

site visitors


CVR on average


app rating





Simon, there’s always room for more.

In the end, every project is only as successful as the collaboration of the involved minds. SIMon was teamwork in the very best sense and an offspring of many enthusiastic parents.

Naturally, SIMon is evolving and technology doesn’t sleep. Which is why we’re already working on the next iterations, opening up even more possibilities.


„For us at vodafone, interstruct has been a vital partner in the UX development of our second brand SIMon mobile. To this day, our collaboration–in particular with the management team around Roman Dyrschka–is based on a strong partnership and a highly pragmatic approach.”

Alexander Nietiedt, Head of SIMonmobile –eCommerce, Proposition & Brand