Full focus on UX & UI

interstruct specialises in transforming complexity and in creating impactful digital platforms – by analysing your brand and markets as closely as your communication and work processes.Based on solid data, we develop interactive design & digital strategies, with measurable results.



Your target and user groups are highly diverse? Perfect, it’s what we specialise in. Check out how we have been meeting the most elaborate client and user needs.


Consulting & Strategy

As an ongoing process, digitalisation requires a pragmatic partner who assists you every step of the way. Without ready-made concepts, packs of paper or endless meetings, but always with a view to new developments. We save decision-makers a lot of work. The strategy behind it: focus, think ahead and include all parties involved.


Evolutionary or revolutionary? You decide. With your target groups at the heart of everything, flexibility is key: “One-piece” solutions with a modular setup enable our agile project teams to respond more swiftly to new developments and evolving situations.


Graphics and design, illustration and animation, navigation and architecture: we use the entire repertoire at the human-technology interface. Intuitive, sophisticated and fun-to-use tools provide the best user experience. Staying ahead of your competitors is now easier than ever.


The web has its own rules: nothing goes without storytelling and web-oriented editing. Boost your customer loyalty and make your company more visible with up-to-date, interesting and SEO-oriented information. Narrate your very own story and use all relevant channels.

Technical implementation

Conceptualisation always considers implementation right from the start, saving valuable time and resources. As our project progresses, we scale processes according to your needs, while anticipating the technologies of the future.

Analytics & Performance

Performance can be measured: before/after and even during implementation. Monitor the scope, reach and success of your digital activities and optimise them continuously – with the help of detailed data analysis and clearly defined KPI.

We observe and listen carefully – and actively integrate our clients in the creative process.

Together, we leave our comfort zone, discover new connections and initiate change of thinking. Finding the right balance between content, use and functionality creates added value. For clever and practical solutions, which move your business forward and are fun to work with.


Changing perspective.

It makes sense to view a business from all angles. Let’s create space for new ideas and discover unknown potential.

Free and forward-thinking

Out-of-the-box solutions.

Not everything everybody else does is good. We rethink work processes and make them radically user-oriented.

Intuitive and comprehensive

Making ideas fly.

To free oneself from learned patterns unleashes creativity. Which is particularly effective when all stakeholders take part in the process.

Interactive and holistic